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ACLT 5K Fun, Run And Walk 2022 

ACLT 5K Fun, Run And Walk 2022 

ACLT 5K Fun, Run And Walk 2022 

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Together We Can Save Lives

We have some exciting events planned for next year!

Emancipation Remembrance Day UK will take place in August 2023. This event aims to establish a tradition of remembrance and celebration that will allow us to learn about our past and raise awareness of Black History and Heritage (customs, tradition and legacy); through talks, displays and discussion informing the current and future generations, so that history will not be repeated. We aim to grow and elevate the Black community worldwide through a shared knowledge of self-worth.

The Slavery Abolition Act 1833 ended slavery in the British Empire on August 1, 1834. Emancipation Day is widely observed in the British West Indies during the first week of August.

We are bringing this tradition to the UK.

This is a FREE event and will provide something for everyone!

Find out more about what we have planned, and get involved: Click hereLearn More


Domestic and Sexual Violence Helpline

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Counselling | Practical Support

Help strengthen relationships between community members to amplify the voices of the friends and families of Black people that are disappearing across the nation.