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Dying While Black: Links Between Mental Health, Chronic Stress, & Death | Ashley McGirt

A hospice therapist's talk about the causation of early death, specifically in racially marginalized communities. Through a mixture of real life stories and healthcare facts, Ashley provides a powerful look into this preventable crisis. Based in Washington, Ashley McGirt is an international speaker, author, and a trauma informed therapist. Aside from being the owner of Ashley McGirt Counseling Services LLC and founder of the Worldwide Wellness tour, she also serves as a hospice clinician for a non-profit organization.
McGirt’s profound interest in life and death, as well as the fascinating field of psychology and hospice, began when she first read the book “Tuesdays with Morrie”, which helped she realize how much the dying can teach us about living. Since then she has been dedicated to helping individuals to not only live well but die well.

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