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This is Crash.


“Crash Barbosa is a political activist, rapper, writer, and actor.

Born in New York and raised in Los Angeles, Crash started writing poetry at a young age. When he turned 18 years old, Crash turned down an offer from Columbia University after realizing his morals didn’t align with many educational institutions and decided to focus on building himself. Over the span of his career, Crash has been an outspoken political activist and mental health advocate. By working in film/music and having family ties to the Hollywood scene, Crash is fully immersed when it comes to understanding the entertainment industry.

Crash is partnered with UREG Def Jam Memphis while producing 2 series and a show with Jezrel White from Reelxpozure, and Albert Lopez. Early on, Crash decided to use his platform and large following/fan base and focus on changing the world. While only speaking truth to the masses, Crash stands behind his words, his politics, and his character.”

– IMDb Mini Biography By: Avery Bishop

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