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Tyler Perry
Plans Atlanta Expansion; New Development To Include Theater District, Restaurants, Retail
Issa Rae – Drops First-Ever Customizable Sneakers in Partnership With Converse
You can become a London tube or bus driver and earn up to £100k a year
Lewis Hamilton
Is Wall Street Journal’s first-ever Sports Innovator! – Silver Arrows Net
Meet Brehanna Daniels, the First Black Woman to Join NASCAR’s Pit Crew
Black-owned restaurants are finding a lifeline in food trucks and ghost kitchens
By Chauncey Alcorn, CNN Business
There are 614 billionaires in the United States, and only 7 of them are Black
Bob Marley’s – Family Launches Celebrity Magic Mushroom Line, Marley One
Black Chemist – Creates Fashion Brand to Celebrate the Beauty of Melanin
Black-Owned – Mobile Barber Shop is Just Like Uber, But For Haircuts!
Squire – The Black Owned Barbershop App Hits $750 Million Valuation
2021 Most Influential Black Corporate Directors 
Twice As Hard: essential career advice for Black women from Opeyemi and Raphael Sofoluke
Nigerian-owned eCommerce, Oja raises $3.4m to build London’s first online cultural supermarket
The hidden gem Jamaican bakery in Thornton Heath where people go at 7am for the unique bread
Can mentoring help more Black Britons get boardroom jobs?
Do white founders in Africa have an easier time getting capital?
Expands Local Robotics Program To Get Kids Excited About STEM – AfroTech
Cause It’s Her Business
Tabitha Brown Set to Launch Her First Vegan Restaurant In Los Angeles
Durham University
Student’s clean energy device earns global prize

Karen Roden-Layne


Karen Roden-Layne is the Manager of Kalina Property Solutions, a newly formed real estate business in Grenada. From 2011 until her retirement in August 2019, Karen was the General Manager of Grenada Solid Waste Management Authority, the state body responsible for solid waste management throughout the tri-island state of Grenada. Karen holds a BSc. in Administrative Management from the University of Technology in Jamaica and a MSc. in Natural Resources Management from the University of West Indies.
Kalina Property Solutions was conceived by a team of innovative thinkers whose desire is to shift the frontier of real estate in Grenada by providing a suite of real estate services beyond the scope of what’s presently available. They intend to re-engineer real estate processes and to integrate new services with core aspects of real estate to produce unique outcomes.
The Caribbean’s Largest Fresh Berry Farm Is Coming To Tobago
Caribbean Export and the University of the West Indies to Partner on Trade and Investment

How Trinidad and Tobago’s economy stands to benefit from the transition away from cash
Can the Caribbean Take Advantage of Global Supply Chain Disruptions?

Regulation Is Coming to the Crypto Business

Crypto Prediction: Google might create their own blockchain and crypto


Out of control and rising: why bitcoin has Nigeria’s government in a panic
Bitcoin hit 1 trillion market cap this year. This has inspired some bitcoin operations to expand. The ban on mining in China has caused a mass exodus, and some mining operations are moving their facilities to the United States. We go to Rockland, Texas to a look inside the largest bitcoin mine in North America. Operated by Whinstone U.S., is this large mine one of the first of many?
Meet Natalie King: The One Behind America’s First Black Woman-Owned EV Recharging Station


Mass Appeal Names Jessica Rivera GM of Music, Jenya Meggs Senior VP of Content
These 10 Innovative Black Women Are Bringing Sneaker Culture to the Digital World
Closing education & equity gaps in the property market for the UK’s Black community
Craig Williams: from U.S. Navy to running Nike’s high-flying Jordan brand
The ‘fake landlord’ scam destroys lives in Detroit. But culprits rarely face consequences.
A Movement To ‘Ignite Black Wealth Creation’ And Rebuild Black Wall Street Is Underway In Tulsa
Meet the Police Officer Who Owns a Subway Franchise
Startup – Meet the 94th Black Woman to Have Raised $1M in Venture Capital For Her Startup
Why tech is the key to success for Black British fashion


Selling ice in Nigeria: Entrepreneur spots gap in market where ‘there is always a party’

Africa is not a monoculture, we reject the plan to make it one

Why Africa is sending more satellites into space
African Blockchain Enthusiast Launches Expedition That Seeks to Highlight East Africa’s Potential
The future is Arab; the future is African
One Of The Biggest Poultry Production Companies In Africa Is Run By A Senegalese Woman
Insecurity haunts Africa’s key oil producers – African Business

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