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Bobby Brown has opened up about the childhood abuse he endured, which he says changed the course of his life.

A new documentary called Biography: Bobby Brown depicts the R&B singer’s rise to fame, struggles with substance abuse, his marriage to Whitney Houston, and other traumas.

Bobby Brown is proof that it doesn’t matter how hard life comes… you can always overcome anything! This man was an heavy drug and alcohol addict, lost 2 children, lost his ex wife in divorce and death, lost Everything, was broke, and was almost killed on multiple occasions and still he’s living and sharing his testimony! Idk who needs to see this, but DON’T GIVE UP!

QueenOfTopics Tv

Bobby Brown in his prime was an absolute beast of a performer and that ‘don’t be cruel’ album still slaps over 30 years later!!

Drew Star

This was a good interview. I can see the peace, calmness, thoughtfulness, and wisdom in Bobby Brown.


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