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In The Black Community

Banking On Us is the new 3-part limited series by Strong Black Lead that discusses key issues that the Black community faces in gaining financial empowerment and highlights Black business and home owners that are thriving towards the goal.

Ep 1 tackles the topic of Investing In The Black Community, the history of financial bias and how one person’s idea can spark change.

Ep 2 separates facts from fiction on some of the main obstacles Black business owners face in getting their dreams off the ground and we celebrate 3 entrepreneurs in Memphis, TN who sustained their businesses through the hardships of 2020 with the help of Hope Credit Union & Netflix.

Ep 3 Home ownership creates a deep sense of empowerment and belonging that can help shape the legacies for Black families in America. Together, we can own on our terms. Ep 3 shines a light on the challenges that Black homeowners face in acquiring their part of the American Dream.

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