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FAMN: The surest way to corrupt a #youth is to instruct him to hold in higher esteem those who think alike than those who #thinkdifferently. #Freedom of speech is unnecessary if the people to whom it is granted do not think for themselves.
I’m not interested in preserving the status quo; I want to overthrow it. It is much safer to be feared than loved because …#love is preserved by the link of obligation which, owing to the #baseness of men, is broken at every opportunity for their advantage; but fear preserves you by a dread of punishment which never fails.

#Humanity is not without answers or #solutions regarding how to liberate itself from scenarios that invariably end with mass exterminations. Tools such as compassion, trust, empathy, #love, & #ethical discernment are already in our possession. The next sensible step would be to use them. 

Aberjhani, Friedrich Nietzsche, Niccolo Machiavelli & Mokokoma Mokhonoana

Artist: #CacicaHonta (#Venezuela)

VB: Cacica Honta is a young #Venezuelan #photographer, #dancer, #graphicdesigner, & #audiovisualproducer.

She has been director of several artistic & social projects such as “#LaTribu”, “#AfrikaCaribe”, “#CacriPhotos” & more.

As a dancer, she has been trained in the traditional Venezuelan genres but currently, she is more dedicated to #HipHop, #Afro, & Experimental. She has taken her dance to #Colombia, #Ecuador, #Brazil, & #Cuba.

She has also been concerned about transmitting her knowledge, in this sense, she has given workshops for the children of her community and has also collaborated with the #Chilean Immigrants Secretariat giving art workshops.

Her career has brought her important recognition as an #artist in #Caracas, the capital of Venezuela, & beyond the Venezuelan borders.

Definitely, the spirit of this artist is rebellious & she has an endless thirst, as well as an unstoppable need, to link her art with the experiences of her life in a deep, particular & sensitive way.

An important aspect of her life has been the experiences she has shared with communities of #Afrodescendants, peasants, & #indigenous Venezuelans.

Cacica has often raised her voice as a way to make injustices visible & has taken her #art as a way to communicate what these #cultures are. — Vytas Block (Medium)


i.c.: IG CacicaHonta

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