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Ken Kamara

Breaking The Silence

Please use headphones for full effect.
Domestic abuse. How aware are we? How would you feel hearing the stories of the victims? Are we aware that both men and women are victims of domestic abuse? More importantly, should we see them as victims?
This is one of two compelling and stark video pieces in the hopes of increasing awareness. This body of work conveys the vulnerability and strength from the point of view of men who suffered from and work to overcome years of domestic abuse.
These open and honest stories pose a debate about domestic abuse and stereotypical roles by exploring each individual’s experience. It gives the viewer insight into the sensitive nature of the subject and the dignity of the men involved.
If you are a male victim of domestic abuse, please call the ManKind Initiative on 01822 334244 or visit

Virtual Art Exhibition: Fabric

FABRIC is an exhibition of explanation. Where humankind collides with the digital world, representing the best of the best of the innovation created by mankind. Ken Kamara captures the heart of society, while Allan Banford used #technology to create an algorithmic art piece transcribed from the literature of the unseen elements surrounding us. Together they represent the entirety of society and what it represents shown through their work.



Black lives matter demonstraion ken kamara

Black lives matter demonstraion ken kamara

Charlie Phillips (photographer)

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