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A Favourite Jamaican-Themed Colouring Book Flips Over To The UK

One of Jamaican children’s favourite colouring books will be available in UK bookstores this November through a partnership between the Jamaican author & JLG Publishing. This first of its kind Jamaican-themed colouring book, entitled Chat Tu Mi & Colour, will help to keep families of Jamaican and Caribbean decent culturally connected and boost family time especially for the forthcoming holiday season.

It is being reported that there are more than 800,000 1st and up to 3rd generation Jamaicans currently living in various parts of the United Kingdom. The onset of the covid-19 pandemic, the imminent protocols that ensued and restriction of flights at specific periods, significantly impeded travel between the two locations. This impact however formed the basis for the two business owners to meet. The two principals, Amashika Lorne based in Jamaica and Jenica Leah based in London, met earlier this year in Jamaica while Leah was awaiting word on the reopening of flights from Jamaica to the UK. They have since developed their friendship into a business relationship to help further their business goals.

Amashika Lorne, who debut the 44-page colouring book as her first Children’s Book in October 2019, is also the Principal Director and Founder of Amashika and Associates Limited; a boutique communication firm based in Kingston, Jamaica which specializes in uniquely Jamaican content and public relations services. Since its release, the colouring book has sold over 1,500 copies and been a part of various partnerships from philanthropic activities for underserved communities, being a part of the Reggae Month Calendar by the Ministry of Culture, Gender, Entertainment and Sport, included in the Child Month Activities by the Ministry of Youth, Education and Information to a 5-month long free online workshop for children to help them to address boredom, sadness and anxiety.

“Colouring has a range of benefits, these include improving fine and gross motor skills, exploring tactile learning, boosting confidence and self-esteem as one complete a task, and fostering creative expression. One important consideration for me while creating this book was knowing that I had to take a different approach to connect with them and retain positive aspects of our culture” Lorne shared.

Understanding the importance of conserving the connection between the UK and Jamaica, and with grandparents who were part of the Windrush generation, publisher Jenica Leah instantly related to the experiences depicted in the book. So much so that she offered a multi-year publishing deal through UK Publishing House, JLG Publishing, which will begin with the launch of the book in time for Christmas this year.

“With the partnership inked and enacted, we’re going to be handling all of the operations for the book in the region of the UK. This is a great partnership for us as a publishing house and being able to connect children and families in the UK to Jamaica through literature is an attainment we can be proud of.” – Jenica Leah. Founder and director of JLG Publishing.

Themes encompassed are the power of storytelling with diversity, love in the family, the awesomeness of friendship and more, this book will connect children and families to the culture of Jamaica and teach the next generation something new. It showcases how to write what many refer to as Jamaican patois or Jamaican as posited by members of the academia in Jamaica and provides illustrations with settings based in Jamaica.

Interested customers will have the option to purchase books from as well as exclusive retailer for the release, – the home of diverse children’s books, from 19th November. After which, Chat Tu Mi & Colour will be stocked with other major retailers as well as online.

For more details visit or @jlgpublishinguk on all social media platforms.

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