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In this documentary, law enforcement faces scrutiny as Americans demand justice after police violence claims multiple Black lives in Cleveland.


137 Shots Documentary: What All You Need To Know Before Watching It?

During a high-speed police chase in November 2012 near downtown Cleveland’s Justice Center, police officers heard a gunshot coming from a speeding vehicle, leading them to think it was a gunshot. Tim Russell and Malissa Williams, who had been driving a speeding car at the time, were shot dead when their vehicle was a few minutes after it hit them.

‘137 Shots’ highlights the police shootings in the States as well as the horror caused by the crime. Among the cops who took part in the crime was Michael Brelo, who later went on trial for it.

What does 137 Shots Involve?

Netflix release D “137 Shots,” a documentary focusing on the 2k12 police hunt in Cleveland, which led to the killing of Timothy Russell and Malissa Williams. Netflix describes the documentary that law enforcement faces scrutiny after officers in Cleveland kill multiple black men because of police violence in the film.

Cleveland police handled the situation with great care. Malissa and Timothy led cops on a high-level chase during a twenty-two-minute fast-speed run before being surrounded in a middle school parking space. As she and Timothy sat in their car, 13 Cleveland police officers opened fire 137 times. The worst part was that there was no sign of a gun or shell casings when the two were taken out from their vehicle.

137 Shots premiered on Netflix on December 15, this year. Netflix will be producing a total of forty documentaries in 2021. There are 137 shots fired by Cleveland police onto the vehicle of Russell and Williams at the East Cleveland middle school parking lot after a high-speed chase across town.

Activists that asked liability for the Cleveland Police Department were also represented. The book also discusses the trial of Michael Brelo, who shot forty-nine of the shots himself. You can stream the documentary on Netflix only.

The Main Suspect – Michael Brelo; Who is He?

Source: Netflix

After meeting at a homeless shelter in Cleveland, the two were in Tim’s car together. Timothy is 43 years old, and Malissa is 30. Timothy’s vehicle was spotted in an area notorious for drug deals by an officer in plainclothes on November 29, 2012. A traffic stop was attempted. Despite this, Timothy drove away from the Justice Center and drove past two officers.

A radio message referring to Timothy’s vehicle triggered a response from the officers who had heard a gunshot. Nevertheless, authorities said the vehicle backfiring may have caused the sound. However, they were engaged in a pursuit at that time that involved 60 patrol cars and over 100 police officers. Although Timothy’s car was being chased, the police were not sure why it did not stop.

Timothy drove into a school parking lot in the East part of the town to end the incident. One of the police officers began shooting after the vehicle was surrounded by police cars. The police officers saw a gun in the car by the time they reached the scene.

What did the Court Do?

He was charged with voluntary manslaughter in the aftermath of the shooting. In addition, five supervisors were charged with negligence. The prosecution argued that Michael’s actions — jumping on Timothy’s hood and firing — were unreasonable at Michael’s trial in April 2015.

In the defense’s view, Timothy’s and Malissa’s guns justified his use of deadly force. In May 2015, a judge found Michael not responsible. Protests outside the courthouse were held in response to the verdict. And all the officials move freely.

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